mountain lady’s slipper


Willow and I made time after supper for a run behind Swansea. She ran rampant, smelling rabbits on her tongue. I poked around looked for blossoms and signs to confirm it was indeed the middle of June.

Work is good and plenty of it at this time of year. Lisa and I were side by side today hammering the computers. It feels good to be back in business for ourselves again.

There was a time I could put in 16 hour days, even longer sometimes, sometimes even with a couple beer under my belt, but not now. Occasionally, I wish I still possessed that focus, most of the time I’m glad I don’t, it can catch up to you.

It feels good to be making practical things, not art or anything magnificent, but products that make peoples lives easier or happier. That’s what we are good at, working, putting our noses to the grindstone. Nothing more, but more than enough.


Was up early this morning. Mars was blazing over the lake. Right now Mars is close to Earth in our respective orbits around the sun. How close is Mars? It is so close, Willow stood up and barked at Rover.


6 thoughts on “mountain lady’s slipper

  1. Jim R

    Today breaks the heat we’ve had. Rain is falling lightly. More on the way in the next days and a lot cooler.

    Later this morning I’ll be going to the weekly English language group. It is for people in town who are learning the language. Many are from Asia and Latin America. We use and explain the various words and phrases that can be confusing.

    I’m glad to not have to work those long days. I really prefer to choose how I devote my time. It is easy to over-book myself for a few days at a time. Then, there is a break. This week will be fairly quiet.

    I want to get out early for Mars and Saturn. My 8” scope will show them well. Jupiter was gorgeous a few nights ago. Cloud bands were easy to see along with three of the nearby moons.

    Don’t hammer those computers too hard. Hey to Lisa. Scratch Willow.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. That is cool you are going to an English language group. I bet you learn as much as you teach. So interesting!
      As I get older I realize I only have so much ‘gas in the tank’ on any given day so I try to use it wisely.
      I also will try to get out and get some photos of the planets. Tonight looks like it could be good.
      Say Hi to Melanie.

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  2. Anonymous

    Hahahaha…loved your (bad) joke!
    I love being retired and calling my days my own, doing this or that or doing nothing at all. After a lifetime of working, it came as a huge surprise at how quickly I took to it!


    1. underswansea

      Glad you liked the joke! You are a good retired person, because it looks like you keep pretty still. I think that is important for our own well being. Take care.


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