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Lisa and I returned home this evening after spending a wonderful time with our children and grandchildren. We had a big family gathering and celebrated Tom, Cooper and Scarlett’s birthdays, all falling within just a few days of each other. It pleases Lisa and I so much to see our children happy and healthy in the lives they have made for themselves. It also pleases us to see how close they are with each other in adulthood. They are good people.

Lisa and I spent a lot of time with Cooper and Scarlett. Such gentle souls, yet both, even at years 3 and 1, filled with humour and mischievousness.

Driving home today I commented on a radio news story about public unions. I started to tell Lisa what I thought of them. Lisa listened until I was finished and then remarked, the further away from Cooper and Scarlett the crankier I was getting! That made us both laugh.



On arriving home it was clear we have had plenty of rain and wind. The grass needs mowing. The wind has bent the plants in the garden and shredded the flower pots. The rain has made everything spring up, including the weeds. The lettuce is going crazy and we won’t be able to eat it fast enough.

On the way out of Calgary we stopped at Costco. I bought tuna, olives, feta, chicken and olive oil. Things that can be thrown in a bowl of greens to make a meal. The kind of meal you wish for in winter but don’t have.


While in the city I picked up a copy of The New York Times Sunday edition. Not that I need more American news that dominates every source here in Canada.

News is troubling. Not just the content, but how it is delivered.

I prefer newspapers. But I’m told they are going out of style! I like the long stories, the headlines and design. The quest for truth, even if the truth hurts advertising dollars.

I’m not sure if this kind of journalism exists anymore, in newspapers or anywhere else where information is used to push an agenda.

It could be the era we live in, the mix, the way the news is delivered. How truth is bent by the, almost always, editorialization that is contained in the delivery. It becomes a message instead of an unbiased report.

Both the left and right, American and Canadian news sources are guilty.

Like decades before the best bet is getting news from plenty of sources. Doing so, makes the bullshit stand out. If reading the news confirms your own beliefs you are probably being played.

Lisa and I are getting older. Our sense is dwindling right along with the longevity of newspapers. Soon we will have trouble knowing the truth. We will be ripe to be scammed. The scam hasn’t been thought of yet, but it will be brilliant in it’s simplicity.


With that said, I’m looking forward to the Book Review, the magazine and all the articles that can only by found in a weekend newspaper.


6 thoughts on “weekend news

  1. Jim R

    Lisa must be an astute observer of people to see your growing crankiness. Has she had a lot of practice? 🙂

    Following the news is tricky. We watch little TV and read from a few well-respected sources online. Sorry about the tidal wave of crap coming up your way from our mess here in the US. If you are tired of it, multiply that by several times. Thats how we feel.

    I wish we didn’t have 24/7 news programming. Things get made up to pull in readers/viewers. It is newsertainment and does the viewer no good. Advertisers love it.

    Speaking of scams…I have a bridge for sale. It would look good on a stream near you.

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    1. underswansea

      Hey Jim, you sure made Lisa laugh! I’m still trying to figure out what’s so funny! 🙂

      We get CNN. Lisa won’t allow it to be on when she is in the room. There could be an asteroid bearing down on earth and CNN would be covering that Trump will only eat wings from the right side of the chicken. They would have a panel of ‘experts’ discussing the enormity of such corruption.

      Don’t get me wrong Trump is bat shit crazy but so is the coverage.

      As for the bridge, I’ll take it. Let me know what you want for it!

      Thanks for the laugh!


  2. Benjamin

    I do a bit of work with the media, so I, too, feel like something is being lost in that field. With a 24-hour news cycle, cable news must fill hours and hours worth of programming, preferably with something shrill and shocking and hyperbolic, in order to garner the greatest ratings share. I combat this by getting the lion’s share of my news from NPR, the CBC and the BBC and avoiding TV news in general except for brief dips into the local newscasts to catch the weather and the latest tallies from the local baseball team.

    And you’re right, there is little finer than a plump Sunday paper and the time set aside to enjoy it.



    1. underswansea

      Hello Ben, thank you for your comment. CBC is one of my go to sources as well. I used to watch CNN for the sheer spectacle of talking heads. It was humorous, now it’s not so funny. Take care. Bob


  3. Julie@frogpondfarm

    No Cooper can’t be 3! Where did that time go ..
    Great post Bob .. so nice to spend time with family! Yep nothing beats the weekend paper, perfect with a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, butter and jam!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, yep Cooper is 3! Hard to believe. He is a good little guy and loves the garden. I hope you are enjoying your cooler weather. Lisa and I pickled 6 jars of garlic scapes. Would trade for a jar of Bill’s jam. 🙂

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