mid June

mobot31753002839139_0377Yarrow illustration by German Botanist Walther Otto Muller from the 1800’s. He illustrated many important botanical books of the time.

Was up in the mountains today while the valley bottom was at it’s busiest. The yarrow plant is starting to bloom in the bush. I picked a bunch and also juniper berries for my good friend Dave. He makes the best jellies and hot sauces. The yarrow and junipers will be made into an exclusive hot sauce for a local bar and restaurant.

Lisa says she is going to make me a foraging pouch that will hook on my belt. I told her to make it big enough to hold a mickey and a couple quarts of huckleberries.


Got the spuds hilled this evening between showers. Every time I tried waiting it out it kept up, and when I came in it instantly stopped. That’s June.


Plenty of thunder last night. It’s good to see it accompanied by rain. That will stop soon.


It’s Father’s Day tomorrow. I still miss mine. I told Hunter, when I talked to him on the telephone today, I will be expecting some dry macaroni glued to a sheet of paper.

I wasn’t the best father or the worst. I was serious back in those days and worked a lot. I also did things that didn’t make it easy for us. That was part of being serious. I could have got along better with people that could have made life easier for all of us, but I was too proud or quick to criticize, so we all suffered. It’s not noble looking back. Still my children love me, regardless. That’s luck.


It’s said the weather is about to turn hot. Lisa says I need a haircut. It’s about time to stop wearing long sleeved shirts, even if they are worn rolled up. There is a slow leak on the rear passenger side tire that needs taken care of.  The carrots need weeding same as the garlic. Other than that I don’t think I have any problems. But I’ve been wrong before.

6 thoughts on “mid June

  1. Anonymous

    You, no doubt, have been wrong before (haven’t we all?) but I think you’re right about all this. Happy Father’s Day!


  2. Jim R

    I wasn’t the best father, but my kids love me anyway. Good deal. Luck can play of role. I got to be with one of my children last night and today. I spoke to another and am soon going to have a video chat with another. It will have been a good day.

    Hot here already. It’s been in the 90s the last 3 days. I’m ready for it to chill.

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    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, I didn’t get to see any of my kids but they all phoned me. Very nice! It has been hot here also. Had steamed Swiss chard and beet greens, from the garden,for supper last night. My favourite! Say hi to Melanie. Take care.


  3. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Hope you had a great Father’s Day and had that haircut! Sounds like you might need to do a bit of weeding Bob .. garlic don’t much like competition. Ah yarrow something I don’t have in my garden 🙂


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