Trumpeter Swans

Plenty of honking today as flocks of Swans made their way south. The cold is coming, the weather report says -19°c tomorrow.

Pulled a few more turnips. Walked the tracks to get closer to the Swans. They are difficult to sneak up on, especially with the Willow dog.

A few took off into the wind and made the turn directly overhead. Deep voices and large wingspan, mocking us bound to the ground.

It feels good to walk those tracks, hear the birds, squinting loosing the ruck.

15 thoughts on “Trumpeter Swans

    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, I looked up Mute Swans, they are a beautiful bird. Our swans are only here for a short time stopping on the Columbia River while going North and then again in late fall going south. It is nice to see and hear them.


      1. mountaincoward

        I’m thinking about flying south for the winter – our weather has been constant heavy rain now for the last couple of months and the place is almost underwater now! 😦


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Jim. I was lucky they just happened to fly overhead after taking off into the wind. Big birds such as herons will do this. They are beautiful birds, they are here for a short time in the spring going north and in late fall going south.

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      1. Julie@frogpondfarm

        Hmm good question! Not sure Bob .. I’ll keep you posted. I had them growing under a cloche and neglected to see leaves rotting- Auckland is humid. Damn nasty lesson to learn .. watch this space 🙂


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