November 1st

Hanging on.

It’s damn near winter, the snow could fly anytime in the valley bottom, it’s wetter than a river otter’s pocket. The garden still has kale, cabbage, carrots, turnips, fennel, beets and cannabis (since it was legalized you can’t give it away).


We had fourteen kids came to our door for Halloween. I bought full size chocolate bars to give away. A group of what looked like 10 or 12 year old girls yelled trick or treat. One was dressed in a fur jacket, miniskirt, fishnet stockings and high leather boots. I can’t imagine the conversation with her parents who let her go out in that costume.


I made soup on the weekend from a few bones picked up at the store. I browned them in the oven and then made a beef stock. I added grilled, cabbage, leeks, turnip, beets and carrots. All from the garden.

The soup was exceptionally gaseous. I tried to work alone. Warned Lisa. Even Willow seemed disgusted.

When I make soup I like it to last for a few days. I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was the soup that kept giving.

Last night Lisa made Chili. It was a welcome reprieve from the explosive beef vegetable bisque. Not nearly as combustable, Lisa bringing me down gently. I have to get the dog to start trusting me again.


Had to deal with a miserable couple today. He was an ugly little cuss, he looked like Danny Devito, except fatter, shorter, uglier and not funny.

He looked at me only as someone who should serve him. That isn’t a problem with me as long as you treat me with respect.

Some people feel entitled. Sure enough, I checked his plates, he was from Alberta, they were vanity plates. With a Fuck Trudeau sticker. These guys are a dime-a-dozen out here. We get the worst of the worst from our neighbours to the east. They’re not all like that.

I took his plate down like I used to take a number of a hockey player that cheap shoted me. You never know when you might run into these arseholes again.


After work I chopped wood, tended the pile and filled the woodbox. About as good a job a man can do. Calming the mind. Chopping, assessing, figuring the mix of wood to make a perfect fire.

6 thoughts on “November 1st

  1. Jim R

    It was 72˚ here today and yesterday. Another nice one tomorrow. Then, rains and colder. My garden is cleared. Most of the leaves are moved to the deer trail out back. We had maybe 30 halloween kids of all ages. We make them say trick or treat or they get nothing. No full-sized candy bars…little tootsie rolls and smarties. We ate more of the polenta lasagna Melanie made. No harmful gases.


  2. mountaincoward

    Took me a while to figure out what that last photo was – what’s Willow chewing?

    I didn’t get any visitors on Halloween but there’s only one set of kids in the village (they did call last year) and anyway I went out Scottish Country Dancing around 1800 hours. Awful about the girl dressed like a cheap tart – not funny on a girl that age!

    I make 3-day stews in my slow cooker – not sure whether they make me windy or not as there’s no-one here to care if I fart all day and night! 😉

    That fat guy is what we’d call a w*nker over here!


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