Strong Thermal Emissions

Due north towards the lights of Invermere.

Good reports of Northern Lights recently, unfortunately I have slept through the best storms.

Damn chilly in the morning. Last Saturday I shed the long underwear for the year and I’m tempted to put the long thermal underwear back on. Every year it goes on earlier and comes off later. Maybe there will come a time, despite global warming, they will stay on year round. Just for the record, it is not the same long underwear I wear for 7 months straight. I do change them every month or so, usually when my leg hair starts growing through them.

2 thoughts on “Strong Thermal Emissions

  1. mountaincoward

    agree with Larry above – I laughed at that too. Mind you, as I don’t sweat at all in cold weather, my clothes get washed less often I have to admit and stay on longer!

    We had a lovely warm March and were out and about, even on the hills, in t-shirts and shorts. I’m back in 2 vests, warm full-length trousers, thick fleece tops and my windproof outers on the hills again now! And gloves!


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