Ospreys defending

It is good to see the Ospreys back. They are whistling overhead finding dry sticks for their nests. I watched two put the run on a much bigger Bald Eagle. Not uncommon, especially when Ospreys defend their nest. This is early for confrontation.


There is a a passage in the Daniel Woddrell Book, Winter’s Bone, where a young girl of 16, Ree, left looking after her two younger siblings, watch a neighbour and relative skinning deer.

The young women and her young brother and sister are hungry. One of the siblings asks his older sister that they should ask for some of the meat.

The young women scolds her brother and says, you never ask for what should be offered.

It is a poignant moment.

It must be something about being poor or not ‘well off’. Perhaps you become your own worst enemy.

Still to ask for something, even deserved, is not in their DNA. It is either offered or not. They are at the mercy of the fairness of others. And others often have another agenda that doesn’t concern itself with charity, fairness or merit. Instead they are always concerned with their own advancement.


As I get older these people are easier to detect. They are a dime a dozen and make up the majority. Instead of out right asking for something, I point out how it would be in their best interest to grant the request. In other words, make it their idea.


Recently, I was overlooked. Many people have been annoyed at me for not fighting, not being mad. Still you have to stand by Ree Dolly, never asking for what should be offered. I am fine with that and tired of being angry.

10 thoughts on “Ospreys defending

  1. larry

    Birds of prey are always impressive. We have Eagles and Hawks in PEI, they are common sight. Maybe you are getting wise and rise above such situations.


    1. underswansea

      I like to tell myself I’m getting wiser, but I am only fooling myself. I always enjoy watching Eagles and Fish Hawks (Ospreys).


  2. mountaincoward

    Great photo! I’ve never actually seen an osprey even though we have them near here breeding.

    That’s a good approach of yours – I can never ‘ask’ for things either, nor could anyone in our family – like you say, it’s just not a poor person trait.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Carol. They are fascinating birds. In the case of not asking, it was a promotion. I thought my record would speak for itself. Instead it went to someone who has been with the company less than 6 months. He has tattoos and wears gel in his hair so you could say he fits in better with management.


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