Busy weekend. Lots of tourists.

Things have changed dramatically at the resort. The mood is better. One bad apple does make a difference.

I picked the wrong week to take the long underwear off. Well below freezing everyday this week. Perhaps the end of April will be the new target for shedding the second skin.

Spotted a sick ewe at the resort. It is separated from the herd. Its head is low and lies in gravel. She can still get up. She is bleeding from the hind end. It’s a bit early for Bighorn Sheep to give birth. Maybe a still birth. We have been telling guests to give her room. It is safe on the resort grounds. Unlikely a cougar will take her down there. If people bother her she will wonder off and be picked off by predators.

The best case is the herd will come back and she can rejoin. Or it will make it back to the herd on her own. A perilous journey on her own, but one she may risk. It is amazing how a herd will protect the slowest.

If it can’t she will go to a place to be killed and eaten. Cougars, coyotes, bears, eagles, crows, ravens, dogs, magpies and even songbirds will see she doesn’t go to waste.

6 thoughts on “lamb

  1. mountaincoward

    Poor sheep! They are certainly strange looking sheep – they look pretty wild? I’m only used to seeing farmed sheep here and they’re much rounder, fatter etc.

    I am always rescuing sheep or running to tell the farmer about their problems, especially at lambing time. Once I was not far from a summit and found a ewe in difficulties giving birth… I ran all the way down to the valley to tell the farmer. He leapt onto his quad bike and, without asking me if I wanted a lift a couple of thousand feet up to where I left off, zoomed off up the hill. I wasn’t chuffed! He didn’t thank me either… Hopefully the ewe was grateful!


    1. underswansea

      Yes the sheep here are wild but reside close to communities. Good story about helping the ewe. I had a vision of you standing there while the farmer took off.


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