Enjoying every moment.

A fine week behind us. The skies finally cleared and it was nice to get to see some blue skies. Lisa and I had some nice fires in the fireplace and went on a couple nice walks. Weekends are always the highlight.

The weekdays are good, I look for anything to make me laugh. Luckily I work with people that feel the same. It passes the time and makes some of the more difficult or trying work easier.


Last Tuesday, on the way to work, I thought I would go through the drive through at Tim Hortons and get a coffee. Early in the morning, off season, it shouldn’t be much of a wait. There was only one car ahead of me. I was in luck, I thought. Usually the line can be out of the parking lot.

He took awhile to order. When he was done I pulled up and saw he had ordered $101.64 worth of stuff! Of course, he was even longer at the pick-up window. The line up behind me was out of the parking lot. There was only one person in the car ahead. They had BC plates. Usually it’s the red and white ones causing grief. I was late for work when I am usually 15 minutes early. Tim Horton’s staff got him through and apologized for his actions, saying, with such a big order he should go in the front. I paid my $2.15 for my dark roast, black. I envisioned a School Board Employee, someone in management, buying a round of coffee, bacon and egger sandwiches and doughnuts for the early morning meeting, thinking everyone else in the world is on their lazy ass schedule.

What can you do, but laugh.


A rotten tooth above the gum line of the valley bottom.

The mountains have light around them. The colours are gray with blues, days getting longer, not in the morning yet, but in the evening. In January you take what you can get.

Tomorrow is Monday, I’ll get up and do it again. And if I don’t feel like it, I’ll remember how many times I didn’t feel like it, but did it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. larry

    Tim Horton, now that is a place I never go to. But on my way to Halifax last week, I wanted a coffee and Tim H. is the only thing on the road, all owned by Danny Murphy of the Murphy family who like the Irvings own a lot of Food and Bev and Hotels in the Maritimes. Tim is not bad and I really liked the plain donut.


  2. mountaincoward

    Those crags on your mountain fronts are astounding! Not sure I’d like to climb those!

    Having a laugh at work is essential. All the time I was in IT, our whole team bantered like mad and it really made the job fun. Outsiders probably thought we hated each other as we were just so insulting to each other – but it was all in fun!


    1. underswansea

      Many of the mountains here with rocky steep fronts have easy ridges or slopped backsides that make them accessible. When ropes or broken fingernails are needed is when I turn back.

      Having a laugh at work is always fun. You sure have to be careful now though!

      Take care. I hope that wrist is healing up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mountaincoward

        I’ll generally carry on with the broken fingernail bits but, if a rope is needed, I’ll definitely turn back (unless I have a companion with a rope happy to lead! – then I’ll go anywhere).

        Those are the best sorts of mountains – spectacular fronts but easy to sneak around the back.

        It’s very sad when you have to start being careful about banter – political correctness gone mad!


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