Waxing crescent with Earth Shine.

A thin new moon appeared before dark. Later Venus and Saturn showed up. The tripod stayed put, I ratcheted the new camera up to 5000 ISO and shot it handheld. It’s grainy, the detail leaves a little to be desired, just to be able to do it is something.

The moon, Bison Horn or Witchcraft Symbol. It’s all good.

A skiff of snow, too little too plow, but enough to shovel. Later, it turned into a glorious day. If this keeps up, I may have to ask for a few days off. Nice winter days are the best days of the year and hard to come by.

8 thoughts on “Sliver

    1. underswansea

      New or old crescent moons are significant in many cultures. I will do some reading about Islam. I know it is a widely used symbol in Muslim countries.


  1. mountaincoward

    I’ve been looking at that moon the last couple of nights (unusual for us to see the sky at night – usually just clouds).

    I’ve lost any enthusiasm I might ever have had for winter (I never had much) and can’t wait for spring!


    1. underswansea

      If you could see the moon last night, it was paired with bright Jupiter. A very nice sight.

      I prefer Winter, the quiet and darkness. Summer here is overrun with noisy tourists and every year we have to go further out of our way to avoid them.


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