Extra grey today. Woke up to fog. Our Grandkids stayed with us last night so everything seemed bright.

Later we walked in the bush looking for birds. They could be heard everywhere, Seeing them was harder. Lisa can tell how far away they are by their song, I don’t know how she does it, but she is right almost always. My ear just hears them, I can’t tell distance.

Lisa said I taught her how to see animals in the bush, you look for shapes and lines that don’t fit. I learned to do it hunting with my father. My eyes are starting to go, fortunately I can still see lines that bend amongst the trees.

I dreamt I was at the old house the other day. My father said, go in and turn the outside light on. The switch was in a hallway my mother made into a darkroom. As soon as I walked in I smelled the photographic chemicals. They had been left out in the trays. Dektol, stop, fix and hypo. They smelled like they needed to be changed. You can get some interesting results from old chemicals, my mother used to say.

When I told Lisa about my dream she was surprised I could smell in my dreams. She said I must be thinking of my Mom. I think about her often, especially as I get to the age my parents were when I knew them them best.

Now Lisa and I walk and drive some of the trails looking for birds, just like my parents did. The truth is birdwatching can really sneak up on you.

17 thoughts on “Senses

  1. Jim R

    That 2nd picture looks like marshmallows on top of sticks. 🙂 We have a nice wooded area behind our house. We enjoy watching the birds come to the feeders and going out on the trails to spot them.
    I can’t say I have ever remembered a smell in a dream. Fact is, I almost never remember the dreams I have. They sort of evaporate when I try to tell about them. Except for the scary ones with mean dogs or the ones where I am trying to teach a class and no one is paying any attention.


      1. underswansea

        I agree. I usually remember my dreams, but do have to make an effort to put them into order first thing in the morning.


      1. underswansea

        I was not a good student. I talked to one of my old teachers a few years ago and she said how hard all the teachers tried to make me quit school and couldn’t understand why I didn’t. That was the way back then. I was the only one out of my friends that received my high school diploma. Of course college or university back then may as well been Mars. Things are different now and I’m glad. My kids were the first in our family to earn diplomas and degrees. I am proud of that.

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  2. mountaincoward

    I don’t remember having a sense of smell while I’m dreaming either.

    I spot wildlife the same way – look for incongruous shapes. I spotted a snake my friend and I were walking towards in Jordan that way. It was a horned viper and the same colour as the sand but I saw the shape and stopped him before he reached it…


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