Warm Spell

The colours of winter when it warms up.

It felt like spring today. The only thing cold was my feet from being damp. Cut and split firewood. Nothing makes a body feel better. Willow and Lola ran hither and yon. They both got wet and muddy.

The snow melted, got heavy and fell off the trees. For the first time in months, Lisa and I could see deep into the bush, past thousand branch trickery and white out simplicity. No sense, walking off trail, it’s still deep, the warmth making the going heavy. It wouldn’t be long my old legs would be stuck like a long legged moose after a week long mountain blizzard. My only advantage is there is no hungry wolves following close. Perhaps I’m just too blind to know. Regardless, at this stage of the game it’s best to stay on the beaten path.

A feather under runoff. The best of nature is never perfect, it is rugged, torn, chewed up, bloody, cold, wet and beautiful.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be cantankerous, obstinate, disagreeable and ornery. The only rule: as long as it’s not towards the ones you love.

6 thoughts on “Warm Spell

    1. underswansea

      It is a Bald Eagle. They have a wing span up to 7 feet wide. If this guy sits on you when you fall and are laying in the wet and ice it is because it senses you are close to death and wants to eat you, probably starting with your eyes. 🙂


      1. mountaincoward

        One of my other followers was suggesting that on my robin post – he said good job it wasn’t a scavenger type bird and I agreed with him. I’ve often seen the results of such things with lambs stuck in bogs and unable to get away or fight back.

        I thought it was a bald eagle but didn’t want to appear stupid if it wasn’t! 😉


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