My manager Brandon presenting the award, glass artwork from a local artist.

This happened before Christmas, I was voted by the people I work with as Employee of the Year. It was presented at the Christmas Party I didn’t go to.

The resort I work at is staffed by wonderful people. Any one of my co-workers would have been a good pick, so I am especially honoured and a little bit embarrassed.

It is nice to work at a place that everyone cares about the job they are doing. The job isn’t easy. That is a tip of the hat to management that instills pride into their workers. I am fortunate to work with a great group of people.

I used to work at the School District, great pay, unbelievable government union benefits, large defined pensions and the most lazy unhappy workers you could find anywhere in Canada. Promoting the worst of the worst into management has had a great deal to do with the apathy and incompetence found in these positions. It is sad, especially for the workers who strive to do their best.

Today, I got on the radio and asked for help carrying a hide-a-bed up a flight of stairs, four people answered offering help. If that was the School District it would have been crickets until they decided to contract it out to a moving company. My job is much simpler with everyone pulling in the same direction.

My co-workers are mostly young. They don’t have pensions in their future or high wages, they may never own a house, yet they are Johnny on the spot, doing their best. It is incredible to watch and they put me to shame.

12 thoughts on “Funny

  1. mountaincoward

    Great post and congratulations – I’m sure you deserved it but your colleagues sound a great bunch too!

    And ‘promoting people to get them out of the way’ happens a lot here when they’re either useless or a liability!


    1. underswansea

      Thanks. My coworkers are great. In Canada government jobs are where the deadwood ends up. The worst of the worst get promoted and finally made to resign with huge severance packages handed out to soften the blow. Getting fired from a government job in Canada is impossible, it just doesn’t happen.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie! I was very honoured. Hope all is well in NZ. I hear you are getting a new Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister always held up Jacinda Ardern as a beacon of light in an otherwise crazy world. I am sure that means she wasn’t loved by everyone. Take care!

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