A handsome cinnamon Black Bear reacting to a bark from Willow. It turned and disappeared into the bush. Willow’s bark often sends bears up trees.

Lisa and I spent a quiet weekend at home. The valley was extremely busy with it being the Canada Day long weekend. The week leading up to the weekend was rife with hard work for Lisa and I. It was good to kick back and take it easy. We didn’t leave the yard on Saturday.

A bunch of Wood Orchids.

This morning we were up early, Lisa gave me a haircut and shave, then we took for the mountains. We figured most of the revellers from Alberta would have their minds on getting back over the BC/Alberta border. The roads were busy in the valley bottom. Once we left the black top it calmed down.

We have a week off coming up. Lisa said she can’t remember when we had a week off in the summer. We are looking forward to it.

One more look.

6 thoughts on “Lazy

    1. underswansea

      They are beautiful animals, unfortunately they are under pressure from hunting and poaching as many of their body parts are sold overseas.


    1. underswansea

      The one in the picture was about 200lbs, not nearly as big a grizzly bear. Black bears have been known to attack and kill people but it is very rare. The last one who did so around here was about 10 years ago, it was a woman biking alone. Most likely got between the bear and it’s cubs.

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