Canada Day

Yellow roses.

I worked at the resort today. It was busy. The guests and employees were in good moods. It was wonderful to see the guests enjoying the amenities that everyone works so hard to maintain. Guests even asked if they could help with maintenance items like defrosting a fridge or carrying needed furniture. The pool and hot tubs were rocking with the smell of sun screen in the air.

Canada is a wonderful place. If you don’t think so look at the news. We are lucky, just by chance, of where we were born. The least we can do is treat the people we meet; visitors, immigrants and fellow country men with respect. If any people should be pissed off it’s the First Nations, yet they still accept and treat their fellow inhabitants with kindness. They always have, if truth be known.

Canada is a country with plenty of faults and prejudices, hopefully, they are being weeded out and replaced with understanding and tolerance. I believe that’s what’s happening. I see it everyday. Goodness trumps bigotry.

Romaine lettuce before being made into Caesar.

It just doesn’t seem that way, because of the bad constantly streamed to our phones. It is easier to be taken in by negativity than goodness. That’s why they keep streaming and people keep sharing. It is a false narrative if repeated enough may become true. Canadiens are smarter than that. That’s why we celebrate.


Willow letting on.

The garden is up and about, putting out. About this time last year a hail storm blew through and knocked every leaf off every plant.


Whatever, you have to roll with it. That’s Canadien.

10 thoughts on “Canada Day

  1. Christian

    Friends I have from overseas that now live in Canada all say “Being born in Canada is winning the lottery of life.”


    1. underswansea

      Thank you!
      I just finished reading an article in the NY Times that I thought you would enjoy. I could even see you creating such an article. Here is a link if you are interested:


      1. mountaincoward

        it’s strange that I haven’t been able to buy them very easily this year either – I think something is wrong with the year. The weather has been atrocious this year and there’s been no sign of summer yet at all! 😦


    1. underswansea

      All the best Julie! Had the first spuds out of the garden tonight. That’s like Christmas down south in your neck of the woods. Take care1

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