what will we do with all the extra light

Pictographs along the Spirit Trail.

Two of my kids have tested positive for Covid. They are both young and healthy and are experiencing minor symptoms. They were both careful, working from home. It’s a lottery. Contact tracing has shown where they got it. Nobody’s fault.

A small Creeper makes it’s way lightly.

I have told a handful of people. People I respect, like my good friend Dave, who recognized it for what it is, a lottery regardless of safe guards.

Other’s I have talked to want to blame them for getting Covid. I even had someone of authority, stick their finger in my face and lecture me on ‘social bubbles’.

It’s important to keep your mouth shut and listen to smart people, it’s also important to keep your mouth shut and listen to stupid people. If for no other reason, self preservation. I’m good at the first and not so good at the other.


Lisa holds a delicate skull.

The time has changed. We are back to dark in the morning and an extra hour of light at night. The ground is frozen still. A handful of seeds are started inside in anticipation spring will continue regardless of the endless bad news. As far as I can see the sun still gets up on time in the morning.


A Nutcracker giving shit to whoever will listen.

I’m going to miss winter. The short days. The woodpile. A fire in the fireplace, stewed meat with last year’s potatoes, waking up to a snowfall, knowing it means a workout and the quiet darkness that can never last.


Tomorrow I’ll put on a sunny face and keep quiet.

Willow among the rocks.

9 thoughts on “what will we do with all the extra light

  1. Carol A. Hand

    I am so sorry to hear about your children, Bob. It’s good to know their symptoms are minor. Sending positive thoughts your way along with gratitude to you for the beautiful photos and honest reflections you share. 💜

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  2. mountaincoward

    Truly sorry to hear about your kids getting it – I hope they recover soon and that no-one else in your family gets it…

    No idea why they mess with the clocks but I wish they’d stop it. It’s whatever time it is. My Dad always said that if they want lighter evenings, to get up an hour earlier!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, my kids are doing okay. Minor symptoms, headaches, breathing problems but nothing serious. They are mostly over it now. It is a worry though.
      I like your Dad’s saying, I might have to use it!
      Take care and thanks for your comment. Bob

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  3. Anonymous

    I’m sorry to hear about your kids. I hope their recovery is swift.

    I had my 2nd vaccine shot on Saturday. Sunday evening was mighty uncomfortable for me, but Monday much better. It’s an easy trade-off, a day of feeling crappy compared to the misery the disease can cause.


    1. underswansea

      Thank you. The kids have made a full recovery and are no worse for wear. Unfortunately we are having a few troubling outbreaks here. Take care. Glad to hear you had your shots.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie! They have made a full recovery and are no worse for wear. Unfortunately we are getting a few outbreaks in our area. Take care. Remember to soak your ankles a few more times at Muriwai before winter hits in earnest. 🙂 Bob

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