Waning crescent

It doesn’t take much to imagine a long ago glacier running the length of the Upper Columbia Valley. An old moon clears the mountains near the centre of the frame.

I had some extra time before work this morning. Willow and I headed for the west side of Lake Windermere. Before I left I couldn’t find my warm jacket, it was only -7°c so I didn’t worry. On the hike to the banks on the edge of the lake I realized the paths were ice. Not my favourite when it’s still dark. We walked on patches of snow for grippage. Then my boot lace came undone. Damn I hate that.

I hoped to see the crescent moon come up in the east. The stars were mostly gone. The morning blue period took over. Willow and I waited for the moon. I missed my warm jacket. The International Space Station came from the west and dimmed in the southeast.

I realized I had brought the wrong lens for capturing the moon. I had a super fast wide angle lens when a longer lens would have captured it better. In the top photo the moon is small coming up over the mountains.

Regardless, it was good to be out to watch the moon. Willow barked at hooting owls and shadows taking shape in the light. I was back in plenty of time for my late start at work.

In a perfect world I’d watch the moon come up and the sun go down everyday.

A waning crescent moon rises over the Fairmont Range.

10 thoughts on “Waning crescent

  1. larry

    I have to agree watching the sky make me think how small we are in the scheme of things in this Universe. The Sun and Moon watching has we rotate around and then the night sky full of a multitude of stars is truly an awesome sight, in fact I find it a little frightening due to its immensity, but still plenty beautiful.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks for your comment Larry! Watching the sky has always been a favourite pastime of mine. I like things you can study a lifetime and still not be an expert. Take care.


    1. underswansea

      A very nice morning and we also saw the Space Station. I took a picture. My shutter speed with dawn breaking was about 3 seconds so it made a very short streak. Take care.


  2. mountaincoward

    My Mum and I used to sit in the car after along mountain walk and watch the moon going around atop the mountain ridges – also stars and satellites. It’s amazing how long you can sit and do that if you’re warm enough – I couldn’t do it if I was cold though…


    1. underswansea

      Those sound like nice memories with your Mum. My father and I spent some times where we would walk away from the campfire to see the stars. It is hard to believe, back then, seeing satellites was rare.


      1. underswansea

        Yep, sad to see! My parents never lost their minds they were sharp as tacks, and relatively young, their bodies just gave out. it will happen to us all sooner or later.


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