Covid has sent people looking for recreation in the bush. It is one of the few things the government has encouraged people to do. Some trails have become exceptionally busy. Other places have been destroyed by people looking for a place to party and shoot off guns. Garbage and destruction has become commonplace.

Lisa and I have enjoyed the trails and roads up Windermere Creek for years. It is one of the first spots I can remember following my father through the bush. Logging and mining have taken it’s toll. Because this spot is close to the valley bottom it has attracted record numbers of tourists running snowmobiles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) and four wheel drives. The result is a mess around every corner.

That is not to say Albertan’s are responsible for all the mess. They alone don’t hold ownership on stupidity. Unfortunately we get some of Alberta’s worst out here, however, sadly, there is plenty of locals that also fit the profile.

This winter, someone tried pulling the water pipe out of the underground spring many get their drinking water. In all the years passing this spot I’d never seen such nonsense.

In this spot bottles and cans, garbage, live trees cut, old TV’s (to shoot at), snowboards, mufflers (possibly stolen for the catalytic converters), a truck canopy and spent rifle and shotgun shells.

Every spring Lisa and I clean some of these areas and take the garbage to the dump. Not this year. It is too much of a mess and it will only be added too. These spots are spoiled. They have already become dumping spots.

My hope is the yahoos and dipshits will stick to these spots, happy to trash these areas only. I know that is wishful thinking.

As for me, I’m not going back for two reasons; it’s painful to see and I’d be tempted to carry a club.

10 thoughts on “mess

  1. mountaincoward

    Heartbreaking! I wish Governments would stop encouraging people out to the countryside – if they have a genuine desire to be in nature, they’ll come out anyway. The only people they’re encouraging are those who have no love for nature and no idea how to behave in the countryside 😦

    I’m with you on carrying the club – I’d want to beat their brains out too!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, it’s disappointing to see. Some of the destruction takes effort, I don’t understand it. Take care. Bob


  2. Carol A. Hand

    Yes, my first thoughts too, Mountain Coward – heartbreaking. Sadly there are people everywhere who trash precious living things and sacred places because of their ignorance and selfishness.. Unfortunately, I have lived next door to many of them! Trying to reason with them is usually a futile gesture.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, yes trying to reason with them is futile. The best bet is trying to show people how precious these areas are while their eyes can still see. If people see how remarkable streams, plants and the tiniest (and largest) animals are they will fall in love. Thank you for your comment. Take care friend. Bob

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    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, nature is like science, if people are shown how wonderful it is they would never disregard it. You spent a career and beyond teaching this lesson. A very worthy position. Take care. The frost is coming out of the ground here. Bob


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