summer nights

It feels good to wonder around with Lisa on a summer night. Everything going on in the sky, planets moving, the Milky Way, the Tail of Scorpius just above the mountains, comets and satellites.

The mosquitoes were ferocious. Willow riled up some deer. Elk lined the highway. Lisa and I both looked for eyes in the ditch far ahead. We can’t see the way we used to, so go slow now.

There was a time I used to dive off docks and rocks in the pitch black with faith there would be water below me. In summer nights the water is warmer than air. I can still see you wade in. Lisa made her own bikinis. There was fish down there that swirled around us.

It never really gets dark in summer.

8 thoughts on “summer nights

  1. mountaincoward

    What’s the lit building on the hill?

    Great way to spend an evening if it’s warm enough (or if you wrap up). We don’t get very many clear nights up here.

    I’m always terrified of hitting deer when I’m driving – especially at night. There’s been a few dead ones on the road on my drive to work so there’s definitely more of ’em around…


    1. underswansea

      Hitting animals on the road is very common here. Mostly deer and elk. The rock building is a natural hot spring bath house. It is somewhat of an historic landmark in the area.


      1. mountaincoward

        Ah – thanks for the info on the bath house. We had one on our local moorland which was from Victorian times or thereabouts – it was a low, white building but could be seen for miles around.


      2. underswansea

        Buildings around here that date back to the early 1900’s are considered very old and rare. The history in your area dates back so much longer. I am always amazed looking at your blog at some of the ruins you come across. So interesting.


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