take it easy


Willow goes for a stick!

Lisa and I were up the creek this morning.


Wood Lily.

The valley bottom and roads are absolutely crowded with tourists racing in every direction at once, all in a hurry to have fun and see as much as they can in the time they have away from the city. It sure keeps you on your toes while driving with folks doing the damndest things. The ambulances and STARS helicopter have been busy the last few weeks. That’s summer for you!


Wild Orchid. 

I made the mistake at stopping at a summer market. It is a touristy place and I rarely stop. The prices were beyond belief. Even the tourists were complaining at the till, $14 for a small basket of cherries, $7.50 for a few leaves of lettuce. At that rate, I have about $100,000 worth of lettuce in my garden I can’t give away! I also had people nudging and bumping into me. They obviously didn’t get the memo about the Covid pandemic and the importance of social distancing. I got the hell out of there. Lisa thought I was nuts to stop in the first place.



Lisa and I got off the main roads and turned behind the mountain and followed the creek. We stopped and walked a familiar trail, breathing easy away from the ruck of the maddening crowd.



The flowers are out in abundance due to our wet early summer. Willow enjoyed a swim.

Once back home we decided it safer to stay put.


7 thoughts on “take it easy

  1. Jim R

    We were out for an early walk today. Melanie remarked how pretty wildflowers were everywhere. It’s a favorite time of year. Glad we don’t have lots of tourists to bug us.


    1. underswansea

      The wild flowers are certainly beautiful. The tourists can be trying at times, but I don’t blame them for wanting to be away from the city. I just wish they would slow it down.


  2. mountaincoward

    I know exactly what you mean. The Lake District town I work in is a real tourist hotspot and I work Saturdays which would be busy anyway but it is also market day. The prices are great but the crowds are horrific! Some people are distancing but it’s almost impossible and many aren’t bothering…

    Also, I went up the mountain after work – which was lovely because almost everyone had gone home – but… the few who were coming back down on the wide track didn’t make the slightest attempt to sidestep me or distance from me – they just carried on walking past me in a long line abreast and the folk at the end of the line were less than a foot away! 😦 Hated that!


    1. underswansea

      It’s like people on holiday think they are also on holiday from the virus. We now have two people in our small hospital with the virus and they are trying to trace the coming and goings of a family of five (all positive) holidaying from the city in our area.


      1. mountaincoward

        Yep – that’s exactly the attitude I’ve seen too. They go on holiday and lose all inhibitions as to keeping themselves safe. Mind you, young girls have been doing that for decades!


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