hard in the mountains

RCE_5991Rare Yellow Orchids 

Lisa thought it was a good idea to take a trip behind the mountain and look for Yellow Orchids. I thought it was too early.

We walked to a spring where we have found them before. It was tricky as we had to find a crossing to the creek that was running quick. Sure enough, Lisa was right (should I have doubted?) and the Yellow Orchids had just started to bloom.

RCE_5983Oregon Grape, blossoms promising a good year of ‘grapes’.

We also noticed plenty of young cones on the pine and spruce. Oregon Grape is covered with blossoms, possibly suggesting a good crop of the sour pitted fruit.

RCE_5986Young Pine cones covered in pollen. Pine pollen is used medicinally for many ailments. I told Lisa it is also said to boost testosterone, she said, ‘we should take some home’. I chewed on a few cones on the way home. Very sweet. Sure enough, I was harder than algebra when we pulled into the driveway. Unfortunately, Willow wouldn’t let me get close to Lisa. What nature gives, nature also takes away. 

It has been a damp year so far. The plants and trees seem to be enjoying it.

8 thoughts on “hard in the mountains

  1. mountaincoward

    We’d call that orchid in the photo a ‘slipper orchid’ – but so far as I know we only have ‘Ladies Slipper Orchids’ and I don’t think they’re yellow from what I remember – more like pink or purple.

    “Harder than algebra” – really funny! 😉


    1. underswansea

      We also call them Lady’s Slippers. The yellow ones are said to be rare. If they are picked they won’t survive.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, yes the plants are loving it. I don’t believe the damp weather will last however. Did you get your winter garden in? Thanks for stopping by.

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