early June

RCE_5618More rain in the valley bottom, snow in the mountains. We took an extra special trip behind Swansea, beside the swollen creek running pure mud, under a canopy of black spruce. My kind of day Lisa remarked.


It would be nice to have a rainy year for a change. It does the bush good. I expect the bush to be extra busy this year with people from out of province camping in every nook and cranny due to campsites being closed to out of province visitors. The rational for this decision is to keep people close to home during the pandemic. Both Alberta and British Columbia have implemented this rule.

In our neck of the woods I have already seen Albertans camped in the damndest places with, motorbikes, ATV’s, trailers on jacked up trucks, booze and loud music, sky high bonfires and not a drop of water in a five mile radius. It’s a recipe for disaster. At least if the recreational and commercial campsites were available to them they would be kept in check with plenty of water available and threat of a scolding if they get out of hand.

It started to pour, we were back down too soon for my liking.

5 thoughts on “early June

  1. mountaincoward

    Beautiful photos – that blue flower especially – what is it? The 3rd photo of the spiky plant – that looks like our ‘horsetails’ plant which is actually poisonous to horses…

    Yeah, we’ve been having problems with people coming into the countryside with ‘portable/throwaway barbecues’ with a great potential for setting the countryside ablaze! Fools!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, the blue flower is Clematis. It grows wild in the Canadian Rockies. It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom.


      1. mountaincoward

        I tried to grow some clematis in my garden once but failed after a year or so. I believe it was because they like their roots to be kept cool and damp and they were in my front garden in full sun. Never seen a blue one though – beautiful!


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