The garden always grows after a thunder storm. The rain that falls beside lightning is special. Full of nitrogen science says. I figure it comes from the sky in a hellacious crash and that’s got to be good.

The shed provided shelter until the rain stopped. Luckily I’d hid a couple beer in there for a rainy day. They were just as I like them; aged to perfection, woodshed warm and dying to be drank.


7 thoughts on “thunder

  1. mountaincoward

    Brilliant to have your shed full of beer ready for the heavy rains! LOL

    Superb pair of photos there – looks like it really chucked it down. We need some rain now – hasn’t rained for over 2 months now – very unusual for ‘up north’ in Britain!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, we had some damn good rain that lasted. Unusual for here. I thought it rained all the time in your neck of the woods (Britain). As for the beer I only ever have a couple stashed, more like forgotten. Take care. Bob


      1. mountaincoward

        While it normally rains here for most of the year, we generally have a ‘drought’ sometime for a couple of months between March and June. We had April & May this year and we really enjoyed it! Last year we didn’t bother – it was just cold and wet all year!


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