mid April

RCE_5047Had to bribe Willow for this picture. She was amply rewarded with a generous piece of breakfast sausage.

It’s never too early to get a truck full of wood. The backroads are still snow covered. Got lucky finding a down pine and fir before heavy snow. Both dry but thawing out. I cut and Lisa loaded. Willow kept the perimeter.

We saw Whitetail Deer, the rivers are clear and I could have brought home fish if the season wasn’t closed. It’s hard to know when we won’t give a shit. For now everything is fine.

Lisa and I talked about the anxiety we have been feeling, especially when the virus first hit, and how we are feeling now. We both can do with a lot less. Still, having a shitload of money stockpiled, including pensions, would be the best defence. Neither, we have, but neither did all our descendants before us.

The grass is greening. I’m looking for garlic to come up.

7 thoughts on “mid April

  1. mountaincoward

    Our ramsons (‘wild garlic’ – although I think they taste nothing like it – more like spring onions) have been up a while and I’m busy picking them every day and adding them to sandwiches and stews. I’ve got my stewpot ‘on the boil’ most days at the moment…

    Cute photo 🙂

    I must buy a decent axe sometime for my wood-cutting – I’m just managing with a saw but I brought home a decent sized ‘tree’ the other day which was lying dead in the neighbouring wood. It’ll take a damn long time to saw through that!


    1. underswansea

      We have wild onions here that are very good, however they closely resemble another plant that is deadly poisonous. A good axe is a must. I am very attached to mine and use it all the time, from clearing branches to splitting wood. Take care.


  2. Carol A. Hand

    Such a wonderful photo of Willow, Bob!

    Your recent posts have made me realize how much I miss the old days when it seemed easier to buffer oneself from frightening global forces. Yet I also realize that the hard times taught me the most and forced me to overcome insecurities for the sake of the people, lives, and earth I care about.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, I am using those old days and how we survived as a star to guide the ship. I don’t think we will go back to the way things were, that could be a good thing. I sure miss my grandkids and kids during this stretch. I am sure you feel the same. Take care.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, Willow is not very good at having her photo taken. The best I can do is sneak a shot here and there. Wishing you well.


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