we can only prey

CRW_0015smBald Eagle, photo by Lisa.

Lisa and I saw a Northern Hawk Owl yesterday. It was a fortunate sighting. Owls are an animal that seem to be able to look directly into your soul. Unfortunately it was very low light and I wasn’t able to get a clear photograph.

The owl even soared down and caught a mouse in the snow and long grass. As soon as it flew away a Raven trailed after it, hoping for it to drop the mouse I suspect.

Opportunists get a bad rap. Not born with the sharp beak and killer claws it must depend on it’s smarts and perseverance. It has to steal it’s meal.

This is often the same with people. It used to be the poor steeling from the rich. Now it’s the politicians and big business men stealing from the many poor. Just a little bit from each, it’s counterproductive to completely ruin the hand that feeds you.

Like the Raven they quickly adapt. Even manipulating folks into leaving treats and rewarding them with trinkets.

Still you have to hand it to the Ravens, Crows, Turkey Vultures and Magpies. It was unfair of me to compare them to crooks in suits.

Lisa and I went out this morning in better light to look for the owl. They are very territorial and are often seen time and again in the same spot.

It was no where to be found. We saw the Bald Eagle photographed above. Lisa took the photo not trusting me after my shaky focus with the owl. 🙂

6 thoughts on “we can only prey

  1. mountaincoward

    Yeah – the scavengers are really useful as they clear up a lot of mess. They’re very good at clearing up our roads after motorists have run all the wildlife over. They even run hedgehogs over here – they’re really slow moving animals so there’s no excuse – it’s not like they bolt out in front of you like rabbits 😦


    1. underswansea

      Some people will run over anything small if they have the chance. The only thing I ever hit, other than birds, was a bull elk. I was driving my brother, drunk as a skunk, to rehab at midnight, through a snowstorm. The elk was fine. One of it’s antlers dented the hood and the grill broke. 2000 bucks damage. The elk was fine. My brother said, ‘I thought you saw it’.


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