either or


Two Boxers got on Willow, she realized she was in trouble and was fighting back. I saw it from inside and ran out. A couple boots and I picked up Willow. This is not what you are supposed to do when your dog is being attacked by other dogs.

The Boxers where persistent. They snapped at her. Unlike some of the other fights I’ve been in I had to use both feet. I hit them in the chest. I was out of breath by the time the Boxers ran off.

I knocked a Rottweiler out once, when I was a youngster I was bitten plenty, I kicked him right under the chin. The clack his teeth made was like the sound when a good punch lands. It was square. Never planned.

He stumbled around for awhile and retreated.

It can go either way. That’s dogs for you when they remember they were once wild.

8 thoughts on “either or

  1. larrymuffin

    that is scary, I live in town so we walk on leash but some people with big dogs in the park let them run like mad. I am always concerned that there might be a problem. Nora is fierce and she will snap and fight back, not so much with Nicky who will bark but then retreats behind me.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, part of the problem was Willow was on a lead in our yard and the dogs saw her as vulnerable. I’ve been to those off leash parks in the city and there is no way I would let Willow off leash. Too many big vicious dogs and crazy owners. Thanks for the comment. Take care. Bob


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