new moon


It’s been awhile. The stars are up there still. The old moon this morning was a reminder of dark skies, the best time to wonder around. 

So off we went.


Plenty of cloud, not the best conditions. Willow and I headed higher without further success. We walked the old road trying to register bearings. Taurus, up in the valley bottom, was down in the mountains. Cassiopeia was left, showing the way to Andromeda. Despite the weather, or the week, or the news, or our predicament, distance became irrelevant.

That happens when you are where you belong.


7 thoughts on “new moon

  1. Jim R

    Nice shots of the night sky. I seldom get to see truly dark skies here. They always impress me. Thanks for sharing your views.

    Btw…today is Melanie’s birthday. We got a good view of the thin crescent moon this morning. I told her I had arranged it special for her birthday. She was impressed and pleased.


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