may long

RCE_2652Riding in the back of the truck.

Was up early. Scarlett and I headed to the store. We were planning a big spaghetti dinner. Scarlett picked out ice cream treats. I let her have one for breakfast.

Good neighbour Larry sold plants, over the weekend, to tourists. Tomatoes and peppers mostly. They look good this year. Brandywine, Cherokee, Black Cherry and Thai Dragon.

The long weekend brings out the tourists in force. They race and honk their horns at each other. Sometimes they bump into each other in the parking lots and yell at each other. Still, I don’t blame them for wanting to be out here, away from Calgary and the malls, freeways, casinos, high-rises, pavement, neighbours that you live right beside but don’t know, shopping, shopping, fees and movie theatres.

We headed up the pass to look for orchids. We were only five minutes off the main road and we never saw another person. They were all fighting for coffee at Kicking Horse Café, thank God.

Last week there was still snow.

RCE_2631Turning wild.

Today, Scarlett and Cooper ran, climbed banks and contemplated the tops of trees. They found paths in the bush. They followed moose tracks until they were out of sight and we had to call them back. 

RCE_2651Mountain orchid.

The Calypso Orchids were out. Small, among the forest floor, almost invisible, sinking into the moss. 

RCE_2630Kelsie, Scarlett and Cooper, climbing towards the ridge.

I pointed out a snowy mountain and suggested we should run up there. Scarlett and Cooper took off in it’s direction. It had fresh snow. You can do much worse than run towards an unclimbed ridge.

The kids sat in the back of the truck for the ride off the mountain.

10 thoughts on “may long

  1. Anonymous

    Lovely post for this long weekend. In the shot “Turning Wild”, Scarlett looks like a little flower bursting in to bloom with her green pants and pink jacket. Perfect!


    1. underswansea

      It would be tough not to have access to the mountains and outdoors. I’m not sure how I’d fair amongst high-rises and concrete.


  2. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Ha ha ice cream for brekky .. you’re bad! 😃 super shots Bob … Wonderful pic of Scarlett. Wow how old is Cooper now? I was showing Andrew the pics … Kelsie looks so much like her Mum!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, Scarlett was the only one who wanted to go shopping with me so she gets to pick a treat. 🙂 Lisa, Kelsie and Scarlett look alike. Wishing you the best as fall turns to winter. Take care. Bob

      Liked by 1 person

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