Spring Time

IMG_2076Cooper and Scarlett hang loose.

Dug the last of the garden tonight. I am way behind this year. With luck I will get most of it in this weekend.

The cool weather stuff (lettuce, peas, carrots) could have been in 2 weeks ago. However, on the bright side, the good thing about planting late is everything can go in at once. Beans, kale, tomatoes. . . it’s all up to them.

Time seems to be of the essence now, like always in spring. There is only so much to plant a garden, or spend behind the mountain listening to the creek or watching stars playing hide and seek with the tree tops.

Somehow those old trees can still play tricks and make the most of time.

Willow and the beetle.

15 thoughts on “Spring Time

  1. Jim R

    I am also way behind with my gardening. Rain is badly timed and too much of it. Yesterday evening we drove 5 miles to our local bookstore for a talk by an author Melanie likes. Tornado warning sirens were blaring as we left. I stopped to check the radar on my phone. It seemed ok to me so we continued. About 10 minutes before the speaker was to start, the sirens started blaring again. My phone went nuts with warning notices. A friend southwest of town reported funnel clouds headed for our town. I told the host of the speaker event we ought to send everyone to the lower level for a few minutes. He reluctantly agreed. I went out the front door for a view. (Btw…I am a trained weather spotter) I watched a narrow funnel pass just to our south and break up as I called the weather service to report it. I went back in, told the folks we were now safe. The program was good and no emergencies interrupted it.

    Melanie looked at the kids on the explosives bin and said she got a charge out of that. Willow attacking the beetle was funny. Not sure what to do with it.

    One more thing, Melanie had her first of four chemo treatments yesterday for breast cancer. She had a small tumor removed in mid-April. She feels a little ‘off’ but generally ok today.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim,

      Lisa and I send our best to Melanie. Lisa read your comment before me and was very concerned.

      I was able to get most of the garden in this weekend. Also got the lawn mowed. We had just enough rain to keep the dust down.

      We do not get tornados here. Have heard it is a bad season for them where you live. Lisa sometimes has bad dreams of them, which I don’t understand, because they are not a threat to us. I tell her she should have bad dreams about being caught in an avalanche.

      I blame it on her parents for taking her to, The Wizard of Oz, at our local cinema before she could handle it.

      It was good you could recognize the danger of the situation and must have added greatly to the entertainment value of the author’s reading. 🙂

      Take care, pass on our best to Melanie.

      Bob & Lisa


      1. Jim R

        I will pass along your wishes. Thank you very much.

        Sometimes we have dreams about things that don’t make much sense. It is possible Lisa saw Oz too early in life. What bothered me the most in that movies was the flying monkeys.

        The author had been on a 25 day book tour. This was his last stop. he did comment that having a tornado warning was rather fitting. He took it all in stride.

        Lucky you getting your garden in. We’re expecting heavy rains the next 3 days. Maybe some severe storms will happen. Hurray!


      2. underswansea

        Hi Jim, I hope your weather is settling down. Here it has turned hot and smoke has appeared.

        My daughter loves the movie Wizard of Oz. She was introduced to it by her Grandmother my mother. They adored each other.

        My daughter is getting married this summer and we have decided to dance to Somewhere Over the Rainbow for the Father/Daughter dance.

        Take care.


      3. Jim R

        Wednesday evening some small storms popped up very near us. There were numerous report of rotation and tornadoes. Nothing bad developed. But, I was out keeping an eye on the clouds. Very interesting. Today is sunny and bright. Good.

        Congrats to you and your daughter. Enjoy your dance. Daughters are a good thing. I have two.


    1. underswansea

      I think you need cool weather germinating plants there. Try carrots and give them lots of time to come up, or peas.


      1. mountaincoward

        I don’t really have room for carrots – it’s just a little raised bed/box thingie so I just plant small stuff. I really hope the other one coming up is spinach but can’t remember which way around I planted them all now!


      2. underswansea

        Spinach is a good one, you should try kale. You may have to germinate it inside, but once it goes you can’t kill it.


      3. mountaincoward

        yeah and pretty good for you too. My Mum has some nice old comfrey plants which are also very beneficial and I think one of those would probably transplant. I already got some ramsons (‘wild garlic’) from another neighbour and they came up well this spring – very tasty there are – nothing like garlic actually, more like spring onions…


  2. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Oh I’m way behind with my garden too … winter is knocking on the door and I still have 2 summer beds in .. complete with zinnias! Wonderful photo of Cooper and Scarlett … what are they sitting on? And little Willow .. did she get that beetle?


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, I am envious you get to tend a winter garden and reap the rewards. Willow didn’t get the beetle, she seems afraid of insects, yet hates them, stung by too many wasps I guess. Scarlett and Cooper are sitting on an old explosives container. They can be found out near old mine sites. Take care.

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