_LME247smWoke up to the sound of Willow throwing-up the stick she ate the day before. She does that sometimes. It was 2:30am. I put her out and cleaned up the mess. I tried to go back to sleep with no success. Since it was clear, we (Willow and I) decided to go for a walk and look at stars. Willow was happy, it took me awhile to get into it. We opted to stay in the valley bottom. The ice is almost entirely off the lake. The Milky Way stretched the length of the lake and was visible regardless of the artificial light. By 7am it was off to work. The days only guarantee would be an early bedtime.

11 thoughts on “Early

  1. Jim R

    Beautiful Milky Way arc across the sky.

    I haven’t tried eating sticks. I wonder why she likes them. Maybe there was a smell on it that attracted her.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, I like your new image! Willow likes the sticks because she fetches them and then destroys them! She can’t have any toys because she does the same, regardless of how indestructible they are.


  2. Carol A. Hand

    Exquisite sky, Bob! Pinto likes to eat sticks and twigs, too. Fortunately, the result recently has not been the same as Williow’s. I know Pinto’s teeth bother him. Chewing sticks and twigs may be his way of brushing them until I can the vet bill ($600) for having them cleaned.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, good to hear from you! Yes vets are very expensive. A friends dog had to get some teeth extracted and it cost $2200! I recently took Willow for her 4 year check up. We waited for about an hour later than the scheduled time. The vet spent no longer than 10 minutes with us. All was good with Willow, including her teeth. The bill was $125. Hope all is well with you. The sky was very beautiful the other morning.. Take care.

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