Albert RiverBob and Ron at Cedar creek.

Took your great grandchildren Cooper and Scarlett ice fishing last weekend, down below the old house where we used to skate and set lines. You should see those two, they are so wonderful. Lisa and I checked over our shoulders more than a few times to see if you were at the window waving.

Still run into plenty of things you’d find interesting. The Siskins were alive in the bush this morning. Zzweet zzweet in every direction through the trees. A few even allowed me to see them. Mighty kind of them.

CRW_0026Female Pine Siskin

A Water Ouzle arrived along the creek, bobbing up and down, driving Willow nuts. It was along the trail we walked often. Where you would point out cougar tracks and small orchids. Where an owl flew over us when I was small. There was something about that owl. It had power. The way it stopped moving it’s wings and sailed into the thick, silent, disappearing behind spruce and moose moss.

CRW_0022Water Ouzle (American Dipper)

A lot of things have changed in the valley since you left. Some for the better some naught. Still it’s easy to find those old trails. Not sure I ever told you this, I know you know, still, I appreciate you showing me all those places and animals so long ago. It’s always kept my boat pointed in the right direction.

Say hello to Old Joe Noseitall!

11 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Anonymous

    This is always a special day for me, as I remember dad and his wisdom and love and humour, all while missing him fiercely. This post was wonderful and made me cry, with sadness at our great loss, but also with joy at having had him as a father.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Deb, you are right. I feel like I’m still getting to know him even though he has been gone for awhile. Love Bob


  2. twomewy

    just reread this. I choke up when you say you and Lisa checked to see him waving at the window. Reminds me of hen Tim drives down to the old home site he can always see Mom and Dad waving goodbye to us as he drives back up the hill. It always makes him cry.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Wynanne, I’m not sure if I ever told you. After Dad had been gone for several years, I shovelled a rink down below the house. The whole family was down skating. I looked up at the old house, which at the time was still standing and swore I saw Dad waving at the living room window like he did so often when we were on the ice. When I brought it up at dinner that night the kids and Lisa all said they saw Dad doing the same. Of course we all saw him wave to us so often that it was probably our memory playing tricks. Still, it made us all feel good. We still talk about it now. Love Bob

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