It’s an imaginary world. Sometimes we’re deep in the bush other times dreaming at night.

Willow slept most of the day after the cold night. The cold can take it out of you. It’s like exercising without moving. It strips the body, leaving only what’s needed.

Being older, it takes on greater meaning. Sometimes wisdom is just concurrence letting things be. Then again, I’ve never been more prepared for a fight.  That’s the old man talking.

Cold water. Ice. Temperatures dipping. Snow. Knee deep. Frost bite. Dim light.

We’re all warriors until we slip on a patch of ice.

5 thoughts on “warriors

  1. Jim R

    My ‘warrior’ next door neighbor Don was out this afternoon when the snow quit to put sand and salt on his front walk. He slipped and fell, hitting his head. The ambulance came right away and took him to the hospital. He was fortunate to not have any injury. He came home later thanks to another next door neighbor. We have remnant ice under the snow on our drives and walks. It is really slippery. New snow this week will keep it hidden and dangerous.


  2. mountaincoward

    You’re right about the cold – I proved it to myself a while back. I went out on our local moors on a freezing cold day (about -15degC windchill) but didn’t do much apart from an easy walk and some photography. I was completely exhausted for the rest of the day. The next day was warmer so I went up again and did a long walk in waist-deep snow – nothing like as tired when I got back. Love your ‘Exercising without moving’ analogy!


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