February Stars and Planets

_LME9609-Pano_smThe Milky Way over Columbia Lake. Venus can be seen over the ridge. Jupiter is above and to the right. Light pollution from the town of Canal Flats and atmospheric airglow contribute to the surreal colour. It should be noted these colours can not be seen by the eye but is recorded on the camera’s light sensitive sensor. 

It cleared up this weekend and only seemed fitting to get a few shots of the stars. Jupiter and Venus rise in the morning before dawn near the brightest part of the Milky Way, as viewed from this part of the Earth.

_LME9573-Pano.smThe Hoodoos and stars.

Lisa, Willow and I headed out in to the brisk -25 night. We drove south to Columbia Lake then walked to a bluff. The lake groaned below, the ice contracting in the cold. It is a sound I grew up with and always makes me feel good. I always thought it sounded like whales singing when I was a kid.

We had to wait for Jupiter and Venus to rise along with more of the Milky Way. Finally they were up. Luckily we weren’t yet frozen. Very fine morning.

8 thoughts on “February Stars and Planets

  1. Jim R

    I have been watching Venus move a little farther east as the mornings progress. It is closing in on Saturn as it leaves Jupiter in the cosmic dust. Around the 19th V and S will be quite close.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, about a week ago Venus, Jupiter and a crescent moon were all close together. Unfortunately, it was cloudy here and I missed it. I will keep an eye out for Venus and Saturn. Bob

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  2. mountaincoward

    Superb photos – -25 though 😮 I think the light pollution, although it’s obviously a bad thing, does lend a lot of interest to your photo by changing the light as you said and also the glow on the right hand side.

    Those Hoodoos looks great – enormous set of teeth!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, thanks, I am glad you liked the photos. It was a good night. For a couple of years I only took photos without light pollution. You are right it can add interest. Take care. Bob


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