dog run

rce_1789smJake runs with Chewy. Dave looks on.

Dave, Jake and I thought it was about time we let the dogs get to know each other. Jake and Dave’s dog, Chewy, a purebred poodle is six months old, only a puppy. She is an intelligent specimen of the breed, with expressive eyes and smile if you can see through all the fur.

Willow wasn’t sure what to make of all the excitement. Jake and Chewy ran rampant. Taking turns knocking each other into the snowbank. Willow tried not to get trampled and had to give a snarl and nip on occasion.

rce_1815smJake sharpens the end of a stick. Regardless of age one must have something to run with.

Dave and I talked about people who have died recently. There has been quite a few. Local people. Winter can be hard on life. We are men after all, that’s why we talk, trying to be serious, knowing someday we will be the ones talked about.

rce_1793smJake commands.

In the meantime, it’s kids and grandkids, knee deep snow, colours dim but alive in winter’s waning  light and dogs running happy.

We all agreed, men, boy or dog, it’s hard to be serious when January feels like spring.

8 thoughts on “dog run

  1. Jim R

    Neighbors had 2 dogs, a younger and older. The older one would knock the younger one for roll when we walked by their fence. Finally, the younger one got wise.


      1. Jim R

        We got 5″ of snow yesterday. It was easy to clear. Warmer temps are melting it off the drive and walk. Yes, it is a good weekend. I hope the same for you and Lisa.


    1. underswansea

      Ha ha. If you are a Star War fan like Dave is, then you will know why they named her Chewy. Willow was just trying to warn the pup not to trample her. Good to here Dan doesn’t take any guff. 🙂 Take care.

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