perseids2.17x22A meteor (left) streaks toward Perseus at tree line. The light of Andromeda Galaxy
(right, above and left of the tree branch) reaches us 2.3 million light years after
it was shone. Lightening lights the clouds on the eastern horizon.
A large rock, lit by our campfire, is covered in fossils of sea
creatures older than the light of Andromeda.
To see it is a miracle. 

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is now underway. If you have dark clear skies you may be able to see a few.

The peak is around the 12th and could be very good as the moon is young, leaving the night sky dark.

Come peak, Lisa and I will spend the night in the mountains chasing the streaks. It is difficult to predict the conditions. Even if clear smoke could obscure the sky. Tonight, Venus could barely be seen in the western horizon. Mars can’t be seen yet. Once it gets higher above the eastern horizon it will become visible.

Meteors occupy the entire sky. I often point my camera towards horizons, this year may be better preserved shooting directly overhead where the smoke is not so noticeable.

If that is the case It may be better in an enclosed space like a canyon. You see less of the sky, but what is seen is directly overhead.




10 thoughts on “Perseids

  1. Jim R

    An excellent photo. I don’t know yet if our skies will be clear for the meteors. It was good last evening. I got a good time exposure of the passing ISS. It will be posted later. Good luck with your viewing. I hope you get a lot of them on one exposure.


    1. underswansea

      Looking forward to see your ISS passing post. The smoke is getting worse. I went out last night but couldn’t see any stars.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, the fires are started by lightening, industry (logging, mining) and people recreating in the back country. It is very smokey these last few days, still not as bad as last year. The province may shut the backcountry down to industry and recreation to decrease the risk. It is very dry.

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