The rain will remove the snow.

Rain today and we needed it. Work was a missed mash of issues. Most got the better of me. Lisa has a small white board where I get dressed that says, ‘Make good choices’. She knows I don’t always, but I’m getting better from my younger days where it didn’t take much for me to fly off the handle.

The birds enjoyed the rain, they chirped and sang and were grateful for the worms that came to the surface, making eating easy.

You could almost watch the grass grow. I fear a hot dry summer. We have been lucky the last couple of years. The tourists are coming, no longer slowed by Covid, and each will have a pack of matches and a few fireworks, not content with turning off the lights and watching the much more magnificent Milky Way.

Anger still bubbles in me. Deep down. Watching the destruction. The waste, pollution and noise. Nothing changes fast, I remind myself. It takes time they say. In the meantime I try to make good choices.

6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. larrymuffin

    Same in PEI, we fear a long dry summer which is not good for farmers at all. April was dry and in May it has been cool and wet but not enough. The other problem it appears according to various groups that more trash is being left everywhere, 2022 was a record year, despite low tourist numbers. I wonder what is in people’s minds.

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    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, I am not sure what people are thinking when they leave garbage around. Most people say they are concerned about the environment. Not sure how we are going to tackle a problem like global warmings when we can’t even get people to stop throwing empty coffee cups and cigarette butts out the windows of their vehicles. It is warming up here. Take care, give Nora and Nicky a treat from me.


  2. mountaincoward

    I was just thinking of fireworks today when I found the remains of one on the fells. To be honest, I wish they’d ban the damned things – they’re just a noisy nuisance – they irritate me and scare the hell out of pets and wildlife. How do they get off selling explosives to the public anyway? 😐

    We could do with a hot, dry summer up north here (although there will still be the idiotic bonfire and barbecue people setting fire to the place if we have). The fells are still soaking wet and we had rain again all day Monday.


    1. underswansea

      I am with you regarding fireworks. They will ban fireworks here if it gets hot enough and the forest fire danger is high. Considering most of the people here are from the next province over where they sell fireworks through summer, so it doesn’t make a difference. People blast them off non stop throughout the summer. Take care.

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