Wind and rain signalling winter is officially over and spring is here. I feel colder in this weather than I do when it is minus thirty.

It will green things up. Some of the kids at work are wearing shorts while I still have on my long underwear.

Lisa asked today, do I wish we prayed. It is a good question.

9 thoughts on “Pray

    1. underswansea

      I am thinking of shaving the winter beard off and putting away the long underwear this weekend. It seems I put them on earlier and take them off later every year. I hope you and Melanie have a great weekend.

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      1. Jim R

        Wash them on heavy duty before putting them away. 🙂 We’ve had temps in the 80s the last 3 days. Tomorrow that comes to an end. Sunday it will only be in the 40s for a high. We will have a good weekend. Same for you guys.


  1. mountaincoward

    It’s much easier and quicker to get hypothermia in wet and windy weather than it is when it’s -20degC and still! It also feels colder as it blasts through whatever you’re wearing and damp always feels cold anyway. Also no sun.


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