That’s Jimmy

Jimmy knocked himself out today. He struggled with a post of angle iron in the frozen ground. Finally it broke off and hit him in the head. He hit the ground, his radio on squelch. That’s Jimmy. If he does something he makes sure everyone notices.

Of course, once he came to, he wanted to keep working. He is small of stature, but strong as an army. That’s Jimmy.

One thought on “That’s Jimmy

  1. mountaincoward

    Poor guy – lucky he didn’t take an eye out or something.

    Richard and I were loading new fence posts (point first) into a hired van once to do some fencing in my field. I was in the van stacking them and he was putting them in. We got out of time and I leaned to the van door as he put a post in and I got the point straight on my forehead. I was fine but my forehead came up with one of those huge ‘eggs’ you see in comic books so I thought I’d best go into the store and ask for a pad with cold water.

    When I got into the shop and told one of the guys working there what I needed and showed him my forehead, he asked what had happened. I told him Richard had hit me in the face with a fence post and he set off outside straightaway to sort Richard out. I had to run after him and tell him it was an accident!


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