Early April

A couple inches of wet snow overnight. It will be gone in a hurry. It seems winter is trying to hang on.

Lisa and I went for a short walk behind the mountain. We were hoping to see a few Meadowlarks. Lisa said she heard their distinct call the other day. We did see Chickadees, Siskins and Robins. Not many got close enough for a picture.

Back in the valley bottom I walked the road, but still no luck, instead I shot a few old fence-lines.

All and all a overcast black and white day. It was good to get out even if briefly.

5 thoughts on “Early April

    1. underswansea

      We had three inches of snow in the morning. It wasn’t going to last. Moisture to green up the grass. I saw a couple of Ravens pecking down, pulling up worms that were mistaken it was spring.


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