Mid February

Things ain’t all bad. It’s easy to forget we are lucky. Busier than a one-armed-paper-hanger-with-a-seven-year-itch. That’s what my Dad used to say.

Going to one job than another without properly sewing up the previous job. That’s how it feels. That’s when we forget things. Getting older doesn’t help.


The birds have been singing like they are getting serious. Moving among the trees, putting branches between them and the sky. Plenty of cold weather coming. It’s only mid Feb after all.


The northern lights came out last night. Green and red shooting straight up in the east. The big and little dipper, along with Polaris seemed unfazed.


The snow crunches when walked on. The long legged dog breaks through. The small hounds run on top. A herd, about eight, Whitetail Deer, rustled, and run. Hooves scarring the frozen earth with fresh tracks. The dogs, perk, but stay close. Thank Christ! I’m too old to chase after them.

7 thoughts on “Mid February

    1. underswansea

      That’s a lot. Canadians have been on the metric system for decades now, but we still measure snow in inches. We also measure vehicle driving in hours. (how far is it to Calgary? about 2 hours).

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      1. mountaincoward

        At least they printed a photo of it in our national newspaper so I got to see a picture of it. I was still miffed I didn’t see it myself though as it was the night I made a big effort to see it and it was totally clear that night.


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