Old Man

The Columbia River headwaters.

Snow day. I shovelled here and there, not as fast as I used to. My stock is going down.

I envy folks that reinvent themselves. One day throwing fertilizer out a hopper, the next, an IT specialist or an acupunturist.

That’s not me. I shovel snow and will always shovel snow.


The Columbia disturbed, for the moment.

The birds have disappeared. It was a good cone year and they should be out in force. I hear them. Not many. It worries me.


A Big Eared Deer caught in the garden.

It is the same thing with birds as it is with the river, we aren’t here long enough to become an expert.


All the good things are the same. Take the sky for instance. The clouds and stars offer a pass.


Still old, still part of the earth. No quarter asked or given.

5 thoughts on “Old Man

      1. mountaincoward

        I saw a photo once with several deer sheltering under a trampoline – maybe you should get a trampoline – the kids would love it! I keep meaning to have a bounce on the ones around here – at night when they can’t see me!


      2. underswansea

        We always had a trampoline when our kids were small. We bought a trampoline for our Grandkids. You could kill yourself on the old one. The new one had netting around so you couldn’t fall off. Kids nowadays! It took me forever to assemble it.


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