December 1st

Last light.

Most of the day on a plow, jumping off here and there to shovel. The housekeeping manager hit a deer coming in. She was fine. Her KIA looks fucked. The deer dead as a doornail. To make matters worse a big dog ran onto the road to feed on the deer. Stressing her further that the dog would then be hit on the road.


A young houseman wondered where his team was. The team are the housekeepers.

He said, I think they have left. Can I go home?

I said, I can’t see them leaving early. Call them on the radio.

OK, he said, but looked dejected.

He told me later his girlfriend was home alone. Their young son was having his first day at daycare. They live in staff housing and everyone else was at work.

He said, she is home alone.

They probably don’t get a lot of alone time.

If I was the boss I would have given him the rest of the day off. With the advice to pull off on the way home and jerk off, as not to disappoint her with his pent up anticipation.

That’s probably why I’m not the boss.

The Moon and Jupiter in a close conjuncture.

The sun came out a good hour before noon. That’s winter. It’s lovely. Lisa says I have to change my shirt daily because I sweat shovelling and stink.

Just the way she says it turns me on.

5 thoughts on “December 1st

  1. mountaincoward

    I think you’d make a great boss for the lads!

    Awful about the deer – I’d have been really upset. I have a ‘wildlife whistle’ on the front of my cars – not sure if it really works but I’ve only ever run over one bird and clipped a deer with a wing mirror as it bolted across one of our roads. Oh, and a farm cat once – I called in at the farmer’s and, when he found out which cat, he said it had been run over loads of times – must have insides made of rubber!


    1. underswansea

      I have never heard of a wildlife whistle. Wildlife really takes a beating on our highways. Good thing you hit the cat with nine lives with a few still left.


      1. mountaincoward

        It’s a little plastic whistle which fits on the front of your car (usually between the slats of the radiator grill) and, if you get to about 40mph, it’s supposed to whistle and make things flee.


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