Fawns trot through the yard after their mother.

Spent a relaxing day in the garden. Pulled the pea vines. The peas were great this year. We even froze a few bags for winter.

The grasshoppers are sure at it. Luckily they haven’t done much damage to the garden.

Waxing moon above the Akisqunuk Range.

A young buck came around trimming the flowers and stepping on the plants, breaking off a prized patty pan squash.

Plenty of deer around for this time of year.

Catching my eye on the other side of the garden fence.

A half waxing moon came up in broad daylight. The sky was blue and lent the perfect backdrop.

Getting tall.

My proposal for a new week is; Saturday and Sunday off, Monday and Tuesday on, Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday on. 2 off 2 on 1 off 2 on, AKA 2 2 1 2. Hump day is now a mini weekend. I say fuck the 5 day work week.

Greening up.

6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Jim R

    I blanched, cut up, and froze 3 quart bags of tomatoes. They will taste good in the winter in homemade chili or a red sauce on pasta. I made a big batch of pesto sauce from my basil. It is frozen in small cups for later use. We often put it on pizza instead of red sauce. The poblano peppers are coming along but still small.


    1. underswansea

      Tomatoes and pesto sound good. We have had a few ripe cherry tomatoes. The big ones are still a ways off from becoming ripe. Nothing like putting a few things away for winter.


  2. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Sounds like that young buck managed to get into your garden! Thankfully I don’t have to worry about them here .. there’s enough other critters to keep me on my toes! Fabulous photos Bob .. that sunflower looks like it is reaching for the sky! Great summer flowers …


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