Sometimes it goes quick. Looking at pictures of our children, thinking it felt like yesterday.

Sometimes slow, watching someone you love suffer. Wishing time would speed up.

The stars keep time, from our perspective, time is valuable, I’ve seen it, in the end it becomes the only gold.


Willow and I were out, down below the bridge. Looking at stars and smelling Marmot shit. She did one I did the other. The Columbia is still up. There is a coldness in the air. Snow in the mountains and frost threatening the valley bottom.


The days are warm, pure sunshine, the plants are dying back, yellow and drooping, refusing to give up the ghost, yet know it won’t be long.


Hanging on.

9 thoughts on “time

    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, I underexposed a bit to preserve the colour of the stars. I took this pic last night. It is 94 30 second exposures @ ISO 2000, F2.8. The pictures are stacked in photoshop to make one photograph showing the rotation of the earth. Most cameras have an onboard Interval timer mode that allows you to do this. It takes the photo waits a few seconds and takes another photo. I don’t do this very often because Willow and I walk around in the dark for an hour while the camera does it’s thing. This is also a very good way to capture meteors.


      1. Jim R

        Great job with the settings. The colors turned out nicely saturated. I haven’t done anything with the interval timer on my Canon. Next time. The NightCap app on the iPad uses intervals often in its settings.


  1. larrymuffin

    I wonder when you go out like that with Willow is she tempted to eat all kinds of things on the forest floor. I know Nora would do that and it is always a problem. I hope the forest fires in California are not a problem for you in BC.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, yes I do worry about what Willow gets into. Of course rolling in things is always bad, but Willow has been pretty good lately. She also will catch and eat critters that don’t agree with her, birds are the worst. The truth is Willow is not that great a hunter, I bet Nora could teach her a thing or two, so we don’t have too many problems. The smoke from the south rolled in yesterday and has been terrible. We also have BC’s largest fire burning about 50km south of us. I hope you are staying well, give those hounds a scratch from the BC Rockies. Take care

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