putting the man in manifestation


A little rain to keep us sane after a stretch of high 30°’s.

Lisa and I were in the bush a few days ago. We picked 8 freezer bags of Huckleberries. It’s nice to find them plump and plentiful. Scarlett and Cooper are coming to visit and they love them.

The garden is booming, we have too much broccoli. It is being given away and frozen, but still threatens to bolt. I made broccoli and cheddar soup the other day and it was a big hit.

The peas are just about finished. The second planting of lettuce is coming along nicely. It will bolt quickly in this heat. I am considering another planting to come due in fall, perhaps some radishes and beet greens as well.

Yesterday I wrote an email to the managers where I work asking for a raise. In the email I justified the reasons I felt deserving. I didn’t send the email, I figured I would have Lisa read it over tonight before sending.

This morning I was called into my managers office. He closed the door and gave me a raise, the exact and generous amount I asked for in the email that was never sent.

I fucking near fell on the floor, for the raise but also that I had written the email the night before.

Lisa called it manifesting or co creating your world through the energy you put out. I said it sounded like a bunch of bullshit to me. More of a coincidence I figure.

Regardless, I’m thankful, very fine day.

12 thoughts on “putting the man in manifestation

  1. florylory61

    Congratulations on your raise! I agree with Lisa. I’ve been manifesting a major change in my life for the past two months and the universe just delivered everything I asked for! Keep manifesting, keep believing and think positive thoughts… the universe is listening!!


  2. Jim R

    I’ve been manifesting intensely for a long time. But 2020 seems to not have heard me.

    My small garden is giving us a supply of delicious tomatoes of regular and cherry sizes. The basil gets used often. The jalapeño peppers are prolific. I don’t have any of that special ‘green’ stuff you showed in a recent post. Seeds are hard for me to get.

    I took the sling blade to the deer path behind the house so we could get to another trail more easily. The deer will appreciate my work, too.

    Hot coming for the weekend. We’ve had several days of nice this week. Everyday we have made more electricity than our house has needed.

    I miss my grandkids. They don’t live close. The oldest announced yesterday she was engaged. That doesn’t seem possible.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, thanks for your comments. Sounds like your garden is doing great. We just had the first tomatoes the other day. Be careful making the deer too happy, you don’t want them eating your garden before you.

      I was thinking of you today. I was up early to try to get a picture of Venus and the waning crescent moon but it was cloudy. I was hoping you had more luck.

      Congratulations on your grandchild getting engaged. Take care.


  3. mountaincoward

    How strange that was! Still, great to get the raise…

    Beautiful waterfall – a bit like one we have in Scotland called ‘Chia Aig’ – that’s in thick forest too!

    Are huckleberries the same as our blackberries (or brambles) do you know? Are the bushes a thorny, tangled mess?


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, huckleberries are more like blueberries. The bushes aren’t thorny but they are low so the back can get sore after awhile. The bushes only grow wild at about 6 to 7000ft elevation and are sought after, usually with little success. It is very rude in Canada to ask someone where they found their huckleberries. 🙂 Kind of like asking what the fish are biting on. I hope you are hiking up a storm as summer gets late. Take care.


      1. mountaincoward

        ah – they’re what we call ‘bilberries’ here – I eat them all the time. They turn your mouth blue and you look like a heart-attack victim by the time you’ve stuffed a load of ’em! 😉


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