August 1st


Pea patch.

A good thunder storm hit in the evening. It felt good after the hot weather.

I left for work about 5:30 in the morning. Lisa always gets up to say goodbye. Because it’s been so hot she opens the front door to get a cross breeze with the open windows. This morning a bird flew in. It did a couple laps of the front room and went out the door, or so we thought.

This evening Lisa went to her sewing room, she spread the closed curtains to let air in through the open window. To her surprise a bat fell out onto her. The bird that flew in and out wasn’t a bird at all. The open door at that hour must have looked like an inviting open cave.

I looked for my fishing net and finally found it under the back seat of my truck. The bat was hidden, but finally flew. It and I worked together, he refused to hit me and I was as careful as I could. I set it free into the darkening evening sky. Lisa took a video and sent it to Scarlett and Cooper.


_LME6499Poppy seeds.

It’s a busy weekend. Broken glass at every intersection from tourists bumping into each other.


The nitrogen from the thunderstorm will do the garden good. The small amount of rain is like spitting on a campfire. It all makes a difference though.


_LME6495Some green.

The air is cooling, Lake Windermere is warm. If I was a little younger and knew a place along the shore not so busy I’d dive in.

10 thoughts on “August 1st

  1. Jim R

    One summer day a while back I had left the garage door open. A hummingbird flew in. He kept bumping into the ceiling instead of coming down to low level and out the big open doorway. I got the wide broom and tried to coax him down to escape. I could hear him chirping in desperation. Finally he got so tired he just perched on the broom and let me walk him outside. He’ll never do that again.


      1. underswansea

        Hi Jim, tell Melanie, about twenty years ago, Lisa dyed fabric and made leaf prints similar to your recent leaf quilt. She used cannabis leaves and quilted them into about 10″ squares with insulated batting and a loop to hang near the stove. She called them POT holders. They were really nice. She gave them away as gifts to friends. I have been asking her to do some more. That’s one of the reasons I asked about the pre treated fabric squares you used.


  2. mountaincoward

    LOL to the ‘like spitting on a campfire’ analogy!

    I was in a Youth Hostel once when a bat got into the Common Room. I was the only one who attempted to catch and release it (which I eventually managed by blinding it with a torch and grabbing it). Everyone else just flapped around hopelessly!


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