Father’s Day


Came across a mother Black Bear with two cubs. A couple barks and the cubs were up a tree followed by their mother in a flash. Amazing how fast they can climb. We left them alone as not to stress them. 

Lisa treated me to Father’s Day in the bush. We made a day of it heading a valley over to the Palliser. Going the extra mile was worth it. We never saw another vehicle after turning off the highway onto Settler’s Road.

We explored in the country we love. The creeks and rivers were raging. We picked up a few stones for Lisa’s rock garden, some firewood, hiked a cut block, let the hounds run and took a few pictures.

We even got around to stripping Willow of her winter coat. This can be quite a chore but wasn’t that bad as we did it after the hike and Willow was tired and did put up much of a fuss.

When we returned to cell reception my phone started buzzing with Father’s Day wishes from my children. When we arrived home I returned the calls to my kids and grandkids.

Very fine day.

(The photos were taken by Lisa)


Cutting up a stick of firewood while Maynard looks on.


The rain has the mushrooms popping. Not sure what this species is so it stayed on the forest floor instead of added to the soup pot.


Heart Leaved Arnica. An edible plant, widely used by indigenous people before colonization.


An odd puffball?


Lunch on the side of the road.

8 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. larrymuffin

    Maynard? I don’t remember that one who is Maynard? Wild mushrooms, I prefer my grocery store ones. Lucky the Black Bear mother was not aggressive, I know what to do because I was told when we visited Alaska but still would not want to come face to face.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry. Maynard is my sisters dog. He is a Cocker Spaniel, a wonderful calm bush dog. The Black Bear was not aggressive due to her cubs being so close. Whenever I encounter a black bear my first thought is, where are the cubs?. I hope you are enjoying the early summer. Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mountaincoward

    No-one in our family does Father’s Day as it isn’t a ‘tradition’ as such but a modern invention. I was saying they’ll be having “Uncle’s Day” and “Cousin’s Day” soon – just so long as they can sell us more stuff! Even my Dad agrees with me. But glad you had a good one anyway.

    I’m glad you take the view that wildlife should be just observed quickly and then left alone. So many people get intrusive and start following and stalking them with their cameras etc. until they’re really stressed out. Superb photo of the bear before it left though! I’d be seriously scared I think – we don’t have anything big and wild here which can kill you!


    1. underswansea

      hey Mountain Coward, it’s mountains that can kill you. The bears are only inconvenienced by our presence. I always feel comfort in that, plenty of trails to walk that don’t have a return route.


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