planting schedule

RCE_5234Willow tries to harvest gophers.

There is a whole lot of theories out there. Some say you plant when the snow is off Baldy, or when the snow pulls up Three Finger Slide.

Others say you keep a close watch on worms, two weeks later, the tender stuff, like tomatoes and squash can go in. Frost and greening of grass, count too.

As for seeds, put them in whenever, even the year before.

RCE_5191What’s down there?

If I had two hundred years to plant a garden I might get it right.

This is only my thirty-fifth garden, not counting my father’s and grandfather’s gardens, that I only ran through raiding radishes and carrots. 

It’s life, those plants, they can be delicate, but most time strong, like everything I guess.

The storms are close to the mountains, the snow is melting in rain. It will start sliding. Down here we keep watch and try to make sense of  it all.


7 thoughts on “planting schedule

  1. Jim R

    I got my plantings done a couple of weeks ago. I had to cover them once because of a freeze. I think we’re past that now. I still need to plant a few flowers in pots for the front porch. Rain today. I guess I’ll be indoors.


  2. larrymuffin

    Well here in PEI farmers plant around now and I will get my flowers in June not before because of the cold winds we get off the Strait. Some may plant their garden this long weekend or next, it is all a question of having sustained warm weather. I can see Nora joining Willow in going after the gophers. Nicky not so much.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, most of my garden is in, I’m holding off on the tomatoes because we have some cool rainy weather forecasted. Willow caught a bird the other day, luckily I was close and got it out of her jaws. It seemed no worse for wear and flew away. . . with one-hell-of a story to tell the other birds. Take care. Bob


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