Early May

RCE_5093Don’t make such a rhubarb about the current goings on!

Covid19 precautions are starting to ease in Canada. We are seeing more tourists. Shops are starting to reopen. About two thirds of the vehicles on the highway and around town, on the weekend, are from neighbouring province Alberta, ignoring warnings not to travel outside of your home province.

The ambulance has been out several times today, a sure sign the roads are getting busier with tourists.

It should be reminded, we are as susceptible to this disease now as we were two months ago.  The only thing changed is we have learned to social distance and bought time to possibly better ready our health care system. Numbers show most are still vulnerable to contract the sickness. This will remain so until a vaccine is developed. It will be interesting how we go forward.

RCE_5096A handsome Flicker.

Five years from now, we will know better how we managed this illness, did we overreact, was there things we could have done better? Right now we move forward with the information we have.

Strange times. One good thing in our small community; it’s amazing to see people forgetting about money and tourists, choosing instead to support each other.

7 thoughts on “Early May

  1. larrymuffin

    No one can come to PEI, the police has blocked the bridge from the mainland and there are no ferry crossing yet. We won’t have a tourist season. Strange that BC has not blocked roads. More cases in Alberta than in BC now. Stay safe.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, I heard that about PEI. Here things are back to the way they were, tourists and second home owners from Alberta everywhere you look. We are even starting to get tourists from the US. Our government, provincial and municipal are thrilled, the threat has passed they espouse.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, the whole virus response has been interesting. I really don’t know what to believe in terms of safety to self or others. It’s almost like it’s been a drill. Take care. Bob


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