late march

RCE_4780Taking a turn at the look out.

It’s been trying and we haven’t been locked up like some.

We hiked the east side of Columbia Lake. Where the mighty river starts. I’ve never seen where the Columbia turns huge before it spills into the Pacific. Where Salmon run before being turned back by hydro-electric dams. I prefer it up here in the hills.

RCE_4755Pictograph from another time.

The frost is below six inches of soil. Another week and the ground can be worked. I’ve started a few seeds inside. I worry for them as I am a lazy gardener, preferring plants outside.

RCE_4817Getting ready for war.

Most people I know have lost their jobs. Some small businesses may never reopen. It’s always close to the vest even in the best of times.

RCE_4812If only we could read.

We scrambled up into the rocks to an ancient cave where we couldn’t discern the writing. Where battles were recorded. Where people watched loved ones stolen or killed. Where Eagles swooped above goats, knocking newborn kids off ledges to jagged rocks below.

RCE_4770If we had a choice to come back.

The rhubarb is showing. It will be welcome.


6 thoughts on “late march

    1. underswansea

      Thanks Jim. It was a nice hike to a special place. Of course we didn’t see another person. The cave is a Ktunaxa lookout overlooking the place of the last battle between the Ktunaxa and Piegan Blackfoot Nation, who were enemies in those long-ago times. I hope you and Melanie are well. Take care. Bob


  1. mountaincoward

    Glad you’re getting out. There’s absolutely no reason for us not to but, as I found out tonight, if you do go out for a walk on the way home from work, people are leaving nasty notes on your car saying you should be locked in your house and not exercising! 😦


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, it is pretty easy for Lisa and I to get out and not see a soul. We now have several cases in the valley, not surprising as we have lots of wealthy people coming from the cities to ‘isolate’ here even though they have been warned not to, due to our very limited healthcare. It will take a lot more than a pandemic to stop the entitlement these folks think is their god-given right. Take care. Bob


    1. underswansea

      I passed your compliment on to Lisa, she says, ‘thank you’! Gee Julie, in this neck of the woods, rhubarb grows itself. Great to hear your seedlings are kicking in. Take care! Bob

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